Monday, October 19th, 2015

We bought a new used car in Saturday and I’m loving it! I’m honestly happy that the process is over. We were able to trade on the Audi and get a Honda Pilot that seats 8. Those are the main bonuses for sure! The fact that it’s comfy to drive and has a couple bells and whistles are just gravy! Writing the check for it was a bit harrowing. With our recent townhouse down payment and paying for the car, I’ve broken my “largest check I’ve ever written” record a couple times! Now time for a leisurely cruise.

Blythe started sitting up this week. She is still smiley and wonderful. She is making a lot more “talking” sounds and is starting to get the hang of eating some solid foods. No rush though. Rolls for days!! Her chubby knees get me every time!!

I took the kiddos swimming yesterday and Liesel was brave enough to float around on her own with a life jacket on!! Kudos to her! She is such a crazy love bug! Blythe was sleeping poolside and with Liesel floating on her own I had two hands to throw Locke up into the air and into the water. He was trying to do flips mid air and once he landed in the water. ?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Watched Wreck It Ralph tonight with the kiddos after dinner. Smacked on slightly burned popcorn and gelato I got free with a coupon (after I complained to the gelato company about there not being enough mixed in yumminess in the last container we bought). I worked today on KateMaxShop stuff while Melissa watched the kiddos. I still got to walk Locke to school.

Did I mention that Locke started kindergarten at Wasatch in Mrs. Werner’s class. He loves it and he’s a stud and I lava him. Liesel also started preschool last week. She thinks everyone she goes with is basically her best friend.

Mark’s job is going great and we are feeling super grateful for it. Mostly because student loans are in our crosshairs. Weight also save up enough dollars to buy a car that seats 5 that’s not the squished Audi. Crazy awesomeness.

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