Saturday, November 29th, 2015

We are staying in a hotel in Meridian, Idaho tonight. Our good old Holiday Inn Express. We are continuing our trend of splitting up the drive between Utah and the NW between two days. The continental breakfast alone is worth it! Automatic pancake machine for the win!

Our Thanksgiving trip turned out to be a lot longer than expected. Two weeks or so because Mark had to be in Portland for work twice during the two weeks preceding thanksgiving. We got to drive our new car. I found a suction cup iPad holder that we attached to the sun roof of the Pilot. Now that Amazon Prime allows offline downloads we were able to watch movies the whole drive! Made for a pretty smooth trip!

We drove through Winnemucca, then to Medford, Eugene, and back and forth from Portland 4 times. We came to Medford via Bend and Burns. Lots of ice in the road, but Mark stated very alert. Feeling lucky the Pilot is so comfortable with all that driving! Now we just need to figure out how to buy a Cargo box for the top of the car for our Christmas trip since Becky and Nick will be going with us too!

We rode the OHSU tram and walked across the new Tillicum walking bridge with Gma and Gpa Shirley. We spent some good play time with Gma Leslie and Gpa Steve – making some one made snowglobes with supplies Leslie has on hand and some willing plastic toys the kids found around the house! Mark ended up going to two Oregon Duck games – versus USC with his dad and versus OSU with me and the Smith fam! Stevenson and Marissa were happy to let us hang with them as always. The Scott’s came up for the weekend before thanksgiving and all the stars aligned in our efforts to go on a triple date together! Hooray for the simple happiness if dinner and dessert with friends (a little mall browsing thrown in for good measure).

Thanksgiving itself was at Gma Lynne’s house. All the cool peeps were there: Gma Lynne, Papa Dennis, Auntie Gail, Steve and Sarah, Gma Leslie and Gpa Steve, and us. I made some butterhorn rolls with a new recipe. Pretty good. They could use more salt. Always more salt.

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Locke somehow made it to kindergarten today with no shirt on. Granted, he was wearing a hoodie. Just no shirt. I shake my head.

Liesel likes to race back and forth from the utility room door to the couch. And back again. And again. And again. She is getting taller every day. Cute little bob haircut with cute little bangs. She cuddled with Mark while watching a movie after dinner tonight. And then fell asleep.

Blythe pooped 5 times today. Solid foods are working on her system. She learned how to shake her head back and forth. She has a lateral incisor coming in in top. I’m going to pretend that is the correct term.

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

I painted Locke and Liesel’s faces like skeletons on Thursday. Locke had his class Halloween party and wanted to wear his skeleton pajamas, so a little face paint was only appropriate. Liesel wanted some too for her time at Linda’s, but we were mostly out of white face paint so I did a pink version for her!

Blythe is starting to get up on her hands and knees and I think it’s only a matter of time before she is crawling. She also started clapping this week. Seriously love her!

Our townhouse is about two months from being done. We have a pre-drywall walk though tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers that everything goes as planned. Feeling excited to be closer to Mark’s work for sure!

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