Hawaii Trip 2016!

Early morning flight
Movies in flight
Taxi to rental car place
Looking for food by Waikiki
Church at the Honolulu tabernacle
Lighthouse hike without water or proper shoes
Drive to room rental
Shrimp plates
Beach walk

Breakfast at BYU Hawaii dining hall
Boogie boarding
Reading on the beach
Walk on slippery rocks
Shave ice
Chocolate covered coconut macadamia nuts and passion fruit soda from the grocery store

Polynesian Cultural Center
Tired drive to Honolulu

Surfing lessons
Snorkeling – saw turtles!
Fish & shrimp tacos
BLT at same burger place
Ice cream
Walk around Waikiki
Asian food from food trucks
Foot bags at Long drugs
Walk on the beach

Guava pancakes/breakfast
Pearl Harbor
Ioloni Palace
Palm tree hunt at the beach for Polaroids
Lizard in our rental car
Rental car return
First uber ride
Long travel home (Honolulu, flight to Bellingham, sleeping under benches, flight to Las Vegas, brunch, flight home!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Got my workout in this morning by tidying up the house for a YW presidency meeting. Maybe someday I’ll work out at a gym again.

Mark got some gorgeous (and spendy) new shoes over the weekend. I’ll adopt a bum’s wardrobe to keep him looking dapper.

We are headed to HI in a couple weeks. Weird. Better find a swimsuit, eh?

I got 5 bunches of white ranunculus last week and they are still sitting happily in my bathroom. My favorite flower right now (probably because there aren’t any garden roses or peonies or lilacs around)!


Monday, April 25th, 2016

Run-ins with nature as of late:
– Me finding the most fabulous, unblemished white lilac bush while biking to Locke’s school.
– Locke getting pooped on by a bird while he biked to school (and he didn’t even have a total meltdown).
– Locke, the neighbor boy, Kaleb, and me discovering a dead deer by the side of Redwood Road while headed home from school. Flies. Luckily the Gale City winds took the stank away.
– The kiddos hanging library-craft-night-made bird feeders from the tiny trees in our communal “front yard.” Probably time to check up on them.

F a c e b o o k
M o r e   i n f o