Wednesday July 27th, 2016

Locke started first grade today. After 3 weeks off from kindergartener. Bless year round school. So weird. It was honestly peaceful with him gone. Def more time with the little gals all on their own.

Blythe giggles lately. A lot. She’s obsessed with playing chase. Feeling awesome about this stage. She is signing and talking more everyday. Today is was “bwerrie” while she was begging for more strawberries.

Liesel asked for hair like Ray from Star Wars. Double back bun action it is! She is getting herself dressed in the morn and I love it!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

While Gma Leslie was visiting us here in South Jordan last week I decided to get an assortment of pvc pipes and connectors so the kiddos could have a fort making out. It’s been working out great! We’ve engineered a couple forts and an obstacle course. The neighbor’s and all their little dogs should start some agility training. I’d make a great dog show mc.

Liesel made a “pira-mint” out of the pvc pipe. yesterday. Informed us (when we tried to help her pronunciation) “it’s a pira-mint. Like mint gum. And mint chocolate ice cream.”

We also went to Moab, are green mellow from the Lion House (after a Beehive House tour), and rode the Ferris wheel at Scheels while Leslie was visiting. Liesel sported her new goggles. Who knows what kind of wildlife you can encounter on an indoor Ferris wheel…

Liesel is also obsessed with sprinklers since the weather has started getting hot. She just follows around whatever patch of sprinklers happen to be on around the townhomes.

We biked to a splash pad over by the Ochre Mountain temple the other day. It was mostly uphill on the way there and I was panting profusely the whole way. Maybe my legs will get super buff.

Locke had testing for the advanced program at his school yesterday. Two full hours of filling in bubbles. I took the girls to winco and target while we waited. He said it went pretty well but was bummed that the test administrator stopped him from drawing pictures all over the answer sheet.

Blythe is officially walking. I captured a snapchat video of her today on her best walk ever!! She is so happily determined and always turned to see everyone’s reactions when she thinks she’s done particularly well.





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